Home is where the (sun) is!

March 9, 2011

Hi lovelies!!  WOW, sorry I have been on the outs…I was just so busy catching up with everyone, eating and having a blast at home- I had NO time to post!!

THEN…I came back to Boston and hit the ground running :D

I took roughly a million pictures at home…so I’ll just share some highlights.  Just getting out of the cold and into 75-ish degree weather was like heaven.  Being on the beach, or near water in general, just makes me SO happy!!  I’m really glad I live near the water in Boston as well, feels like home :)


I love being a crazy tourist taking pictures in my hometown :) 


I do love Boston right now, but if/when I do move back home to California….I would give my right arm (or left!) to live down near the water!!  The houses are small, beach-type cottages…steps away from the sand= perfection!!

DSC02605 DSC02606

Not a snow mound in sight :)


I was overjoyed to photograph every meal with some lovely floral arrangements!!  It’s not really in my budget, time or money-wise, to buy fresh flowers for my apartment….but I really should!!  I think having flowers, or some sort of greenery in my space is really therapeutic.  It’s nice to just have that reminder of natural beauty, especially when the weather is less-than-pleasing. New goal: buy flowers for the a.p.t.! :)


I was able to get lunch and catch up with my Nonny (grandma) a few days while I was home, which is one of my favorite things about going back.

We always go to Ruby’s, which is a little diner-type restaurant by the beach.  It’s mostly burger and fries-fare….but they’ve added healtheir sandwiches and veggie burgers to their menu, can’t hate on that!!

Veggie sandwich w/spinach + pepper jack + avocado + cucumber + tomato + CC on the side


It was finally warm enough to make a green smoothie!  I always get the urge to make them after a good work-out…but the thought of drinking a freezing-cold beverage in 30-degree temps…YIKES..

As soon as it hits 50- all smoothies…it’s all smoothies- ALL the time :D

I use: 1/2 banana, Spirutein chocolate protein powder, frozen spinach, soymilk and ice.


Over the weekend, momz and I hit The Grove, with one of my best girlfriends from MA!!  We went to the Farmer’s Market, hit all the good shopping spots, and just had the best time!  Fun outings like that make me miss home SOOO much…but I just have to remember- it’s only a flight away.  Plus, it’s nice to go home and squeeze in all the goodness in a week or two- gives me SO much to look forward to when I return!!

Farmer’s Market vegetarian, Mediterranean plate.


Coffee Bean iced latte…one of many consumed during my trip :)


Overall, I just truly relished this trip home, I was able to see who I wanted to see, and do everything I wanted to do.  After a less-than-stellar winter, and a lot of stress and sadness, I was really able to re-group and regain a positive outlook on the future.  Spending time with momz, friends, and loved ones is truly the best medicine :)  Lots of good food didn’t hurt!!


I can’t wait to move forward, and ps, the new job is going GREAT…I’ll catch up with that on my next post!  Hope everyone is having a good week, spring is just around the corner…THANK goodness!! ;D 



Home Sweet Home!

February 25, 2011

Ahhhhhh, hey friends!!!  I made home to sunny CA…and I am SOOO happy!! :D

Flashback to Tuesday night: My flight was at 6 pm, so I packed a salad to take on the plane…way to save some $$$ and keep it healthy!

Veggies + Chicken + Greenery.


My flight was full…except for MY aisle…holla!!  I tried to sneak a pic of my empty row :)

The guy across from me ended up moving over during the flight, but it was fine because I was still able to put all my stuff on the middle seat and also utilize the extra legroom.  I just loooveeee spreading out all my crap, so freeing!!!


I ate my salad (using the middle seat tray, lol) and settled down with some Kindle reading and dark chocolate…

I am currently simul-reading In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan, and American Wife by Curtis Sittenfield.  They are both awesome and captivating reads, just very different…obviously, one very science-y and technical…the other just fun and entertaining!!  I don’t usually read 2 books at once…but my Kindle just makes it soo easy..:)


The momz picked me up from the aiport…we had a quick ride home, and caught up on the couch, watching The Daily Show and Colbert!!  Hilarious.  It was soooo nice to get in my bed and sleep..knowing I had absolutely nothing to do the next day!!

I woke up to a fully-stocked fridge and cupboard (Thanks Momz!), so I threw together a cereal bowl with yogurt and PB.

Reason #438 I love home: prime food photography scenery!


After breakfast, I went down to the beach for a little power walk!


DSC02601 DSC02602

So happy :)


The neighborhood right up from the beach is literally one of the cutest ever.

If/When (??) I move back home, I want to get an apartment down here!!

 DSC02605 DSC02606


I’ll be back later to catch up on some other fun stuff, but I’m off to enjoy the sunshine before we get some rain!! :/

Last night…momz and I went to my alma mater to watch an epic B-ball game!!

We definitely snuck into seats that were much closer than our tickets :D

I saw lots of old friends, got some new alumni gear..and just had the best time.  I miss college, but only in the sense that I had a blast, made lifelong friendships, and just really cherish all of the memories I made.  Everything that happened during that time, good and bad, made me who I am today, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.  (So all of you college readers: make every minute count!! :)


Hope you guys are having a great week…and I can’t wait to catch up on the rest of blogworld, although I did NOT bring my laptop home ;D  Talk to u guys soon!!

xoxoxo from the Golden State!!


The Waiting Game

February 21, 2011

Hello loves!  Well…we enjoyed ONE day of sunshine and warmth here in Boston this weekend- unfortunately the 60 degree heat wave was very short-lived!!

I was beyond ecstatic to walk around in a thin, long-sleeve jacket on Friday, and except for all of the dirty snow banks….you could almost taste Spring in the air!! :D  I.cannot.wait.

I woke up early on Friday for work training, luckily I’m working at an indoor pool!

Pumpkin oats w/almond butter= current fave!!


I packed my lunch to bring to the training, thank goodness!  The director never said anything about feeding us, OR giving us a break to get food…so when we finally did get a 15-min break at 2pm…I was the only one with food to scarf down :D

I’m so grateful that I’m at a point in my life, where I know myself and my body well enough to plan ahead for situations like that, and not be embarrassed to bring lunch, or just assume that food will be available or convenient.  Not to mention a great way to save some dollaz!!  Everyone else was super-jealous that I had lunch + snacks…I def shared though, great way to make new friends ;D

Lunch: un-pictured snack pack of pita, string cheeses, HB eggs, and salad- totes GC style!!

My friend came in on Friday from NYC, she took the bus and got in right after my work training- perfect timing!

We had a little snack before walking around the neighborhood and enjoying the sunshine.

TJ’s Organic Honey Crunch n’ Oats (with Cottage cheese)

My Review: kind of a lame imitation of Honey Bunches of Oats, just okay!


My roommate had the brilliant idea of making chicken lettuce wraps for din!

We just sauteed chicken, then added broccoli slaw, cabbage and mushrooms in a Thai peanut sauce- all wrapped in Bibb Lettuce.

Delisssshhhh :D (I also added some TJ’s frozen shumai dumplings for fun!)


I took my girlfriend to Newbury Street after dinner to show her around and window shop.  The warm temp’s just reminded me of Newbury Street during summer, eating on the patio and window shopping on a sunny day, ahhh I can’t wait!!

We ended the night with J.P.Lick’s…always a good choice :D

Mint Oreo Chip + Cow Trax (vanilla ice cream w/fudge and PB cups)


She had to leave Saturday, unfortunately…but also good because I had to finish a bunch of chem HW!  I hung out Saturday night with some friends, went to church on Sunday, and then caught up with some other friends :) 

It’s snowing again today, ARGH….what is up!!?  I am soooo excited to head home to CA on Tuesday- see some family and friends, get some Mexican food..and fro yo of course!! :D  I am just praying that it is somewhat sunny when I get there, I heard it’s raining right now :/  Oh well I’ll still take it….

Hope you guys had a great long weekend…..my favorite part about 3-day weekends is always the obligatory 4-day week that follows!!  ;D

Enjoy it friends!!



Treating Myself

February 16, 2011

Hey lovelies!!  Hope you had a fabulous Valentine’s Weekend :D  I’m not really a dating/relationship girl (just never had one!), but I have mad love for every holiday, V-day included!  Any day that promotes pink accessories and chocolate is pretty much a TEN in my book ;D  Thanks for all the well wishes on my new job, more on that later!

This weekend was all about treating myself!  Why the hey-ll not!?

Saturday: pretty mellow…had to meet with my Chem prof at 9 am!

Sooo…I treated myself to a wallet-draining bev + pumpkin oats (verdict for Caroline: LOVEE!!!)


My CHEM class is online, but I meet with my professor every wknd to review the concepts, ask questions, etc.

It is super helpful, especially because I strongly dislike online courses, I just had no choice with this one! 

Luckily the campus is in Charlestown, which is just a short walk away from my apartment.


Getting up early= most amazing views on water!  AHH…cannot wait to get home and see some CA sunrises :D  Of course MA is not too shabby!


After our meeting, I headed over to little cafe/bakery to do some work.  Unfortunately, I did NOT get the memo that it was little tyke playdate centralWHOA!!  LOL, I mean all of the little ones were cute- it was just a little difficult to get my work done, lesson learned!

Treated myself to a: Veggie sandwich on Whole Wheat…yum.


After a fair amount of grubbing + working, I came home to a little V-day surprise!!

Momz + the stepdad sent me some really cute cards, and a little headwrap/scarf.

(Treated myself to: The new Asics…V-day gift to myself, holla!)


SO cute!! Thanks momz :D


Made a quick dinner before an impromptu work-night on Saturday (coat-check at a bar, I’ll elaborate later…and YES, just as glam as it sounds ;D)


Sunday:  Treated myself to heart brownies made by friend <3 perfection!


Now…for some info on the new J-O-B!!  You may remember, my summer job back at home in CA was as a Lifeguard and Camp Counselor at a beach summer day camp.  I absolutely loved doing it, and it really inspired my decision to pursue nursing, through working with kids as a caregiver.

Anyway, I found a similar position here in Boston, so I will be starting in March!!

Better get out the ol’ ONE-piece suit ;D  (hot).


Thanks again for all of your congratulations and support, I am so excited to get started!  I have training on Friday…and don’t worry- it’s an INDOOR pool, thank goodness! :D

I hope you all treated yourself + your loved ones very well this weekend, and every day for that matter…why just stop at one day!?

Much love, happy Wednesday :)



Weekend Update

February 13, 2011

Hey bloggies!!  Wow….Major UGHzzz over here :/  I had to work an unexpected job last night, so I couldn’t get started on a big chemistry assignment until about 4 pm today!

I mean…although I wish eating breakfast on my book counted…

it does not.


This was NOT my lunch today, but it was yesterday’s…and so delicious I had to note it!

Eggs + Toast with butter + TJ’s cranberry apple butter (!!)

Carrots and hummus


Back to today’s conundrum, I made a serious snack to get crackin’ on HW!!

PB + Banana + flaxseed on TJ’s Multi-grain waffle


Dinner ( a few minutes ago!): leftover chicken, SP and broccoli


Fro- yo delivery :) Yessss plz!


I will be back tomorrow with a more animated post, but I have to THANK you all for your good wishes and support on my job interview last week….I have to share the good news- I got it!!!  (not the one I worked last night!)

I was so crazy stoked…the director hired me on the spot…and I already filled out my tax forms and everything :D  I will definitely fill you in on the details tomorrow!  You guys must have sent some serious good vibes…my roommate texted me the same afternoon to tell me she got a summer job as a first-year Law Student- UNHEARD of!!!  So thanks again :D

Alrighty, I’m off to do work slash watch the Grammy’s- I’m so out of the music loop, but I so need to get back into it!  I saw Lady Gags last year, and have been SO obsessed with her ever since.  She is insanely creative, completely unique…and just..herself, major icon status in my opinion. 

Mayja Thanks to my step-dad for the V-day iTunes gift card :D  That will definitely be put to use in the next few days!

Hope you all are having a great V-day weekend, whether it’s solo, couple, or group status :)  Lots of love over here for ya!! :D



Sports and Sofa’s

February 7, 2011

Hey there!  Hope everyone had a great weekend…mine was sunny (although still chilly), so I’m not complaining :)  I got some good tips on how to correct my little cookie mishap from Wednesday…next time I’ll be sure to refrigerate the dough for a bit before baking ;D  Thanks for the advice..I think I was a little too eager to get to the finished product!

So my major excitement of the weekend was the arrival of my NEW sofa…

I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning, to await the dreaded 8 am-Noon time frame of delivery.

Had a little cereal-yogurt combo to sustain the waiting.


Lucky for me…they showed up at about 10 am :D

For your viewing pleasure…!!!!


What do you think!??  I am in love!!!  I think we might get a beige rug, and maybe sheer beige overlay curtains, just to off-set the large amount of brown going on right now.


I hit the gym after that, although my ENTIRE being just wanted to curl up in that cozy couch corner for the rest of the day ;)

However, I had a FUN event to get crackin’!!  My first professional hockey game EVER!!


Two of my friends and I got tickets to the game on Saturday, so we headed over together, and had a blast.  As a new-ish resident of the East Coast, I was ashamed to admit I had never been to any hockey game, let alone NHL.  Sooooo so fun, and very different from other pro sports!


We had some snacks and bev’s at the game, so we came home and chilled on the new couch until dinnertime…

Salad with grilled chicken, avocado, tomato and cheese + SP’s.


The roomie and I watched our Netflix-ed Ally McBeal dvd, and I am seriously obsessed with that show!  I used to watch it when I was younger..in middle school maybe??  It’s so funny to watch now, because I never understood half the things they said :D  I thought it would be cool because the show is set in Boston…but it seems like they just use generic skyline shots of the city, instead of any specific or recognizable locations.

Anyone with me on late night cereal cravings??  It makes the perfect snack…


I’ve been catching up on everyone’s Superbowl festivities!  It’s so funny to see who actually cares about the game, and also why they’re interested!  It seems like it’s regional for a lot of people, based on either where they grew up, or where they live now.  There isn’t a pro football team in LA, so I’ve never really cared about it!  I DO love the social aspect of watching and attending sporting events….so I’m always down for a good Sunday Funday, and I love Superbowl parties :D  So yesterday I went over to a friend’s house and enjoyed some good food, and Usher of course ;)

Tomorrow- I have a job interview, woo hoo!!  I will definitely keep you guys posted…talk to you soon!

Have a great night :)



Who needs a sofa when you have cookies!?

February 4, 2011

Hey friends!!  Finally Friday right..!?  I am pumped for a fun weekend…but I have a bunch of Chem HW to finish first :/  The snow has finally subsided here in Boston for a few days- THANK YUHHH Jesus!!  I don’t even mind the cold that much…as long as it’s sunny and bright.  I just hate any form of precipitation, blech!  My parents were actually supposed to come out this weekend, but due to weather and other madness, they aren’t gonna make it out here :(  On the bright side- they won’t lose $$ on the tickets, and I’m going home to CA in 2 weeks!!  Sooo…I miss yah mucho momz but see you soon :)


OK….Confession: I’m embarrassed to say that as a fairly long-time blogger, I have never tried the famous pumpkin oats trend!!

Ridiculous…I added cinnamon + nutmeg + vanilla protein powder.



Lunch was a Hummus-Egg salad wrap…I used Roasted Red Pepper hummus this time….

It.was.bomb.  Jessica and I concur that wraps are super-hard to photograph….

DSC02474 DSC02473

Yesterday- I took my own snow day a la my lovely friend, Mara!!  And made these Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I got really nerv when they turned into saucer-sized pancakes…but I think I just let the dough sit too long and get melty, so next time I will roll them into more ball-shapes so they don’t spread out as much!

DSC02476 DSC02477

WOW…I made 6 with chocolate chips, and 6 without (My roommate HATES chocolate….I KNOW, right!?)

Let’s just say there is ONE chocolate chip one left….and yes, it’s just the 2 of us here ;D


Taco salad for din- had to get some greens in there between all the cookie testing!!


In other news: We sold our old furniture on Craig’s List!!  Wahoo!  The girl came and picked it up on Monday, we were stoked to sell it for about the same price we paid for it a year ago.  BEFORE:                                                      NOW:

  DSC02404 DSC02487

We had an Ikea sofa and love seat in great condition, just a little too small/flimsy for our liking!!  Hopefully our new sectional will be a little more spacious and comfy :D 

Don’t worry- cookies and ice cream are still edible at the dining room table….I made sure…


Just wanted to throw out another HUGE thank you to all my old and new bloggie friends and readers!!!  I missed you guys so much, and I missed blogging and reading all of your blogs!  The comments and responses I get from all of you are just so representative of the amazing community that blogging creates :)

Have a fab weekend, and hopefully see yah soon from my new sofa!!




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